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  • Banish The Bulge A Review On CoolSculpting And Red Light LED Therapy

    Banish The Bulge With CoolSculpting And Red Light LED Therapy with Slim Silhouettes and Beauty After Forty

    Coolsculpting review by Beauty after forty

    Are you tired of struggling with “Exercise-Resistant” bra bulges, saddlebags, muffin top or post-pregnancy baby fat?

    If so, then I want to invite you on my Journey and see how I “Banish The Bulge”, A Review On CoolSculpting And Red Light LED Therapy!

    For me, diet and exercise just have not been enough to help me achieve the lean, toned body I had a year ago. Circumstances in my life changed resulting in me having to move, and I live in the boonies, making it much harder for me to go to the gym as much as I want, shopping at a decent grocery store, and of course, the wine doesn’t help either.

    Hence, I decided to investigate some additional ways to help me get rid of this stubborn unwanted fat. For my fat loss, I decided to take advantage of Slim Silhouettes Total Body Bundle which combines both Slim Light Therapy and CoolSculpting to help sculpt and get rid of fat in those unwanted places. The Slim Light reduces the body fat, and CoolSculpting helps to contour.

    Both are the latest trend aesthetic specialists are seeing as the new generation of treatments and procedures targeted toward the growing population of people looking for non-invasive ways to help address unsightly and unwanted extra fat. I love that they can safely eliminate fat without the cost, downtime, and risk associated with surgery.

    For those of you who are not familiar with these procedures or want to know more about them then click here to visit my other blog to read all of the details!

    Review On CoolSculpting And Slim Light LED Therapy with Slim Silhouettes and Beauty after forty