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  • Hair Extensions Tips For Women Over 40

    Tips For Hair Extensions For Women Over 40 by beauty after forty

    I get many people asking me, can you please share your hair extension tips for women over 40 and I am here to do just that! I am a hair extension queen and have been making my Clip-in hair extensions for over 15 years, way before they became readily available to the public. While you can purchase clip-in hair, the volume of hair on the wefts is minimal and can be costly. Hence, I prefer to make my own! However, for those who do not want to mess with making their own, I have some suggestions below on some reliable companies!

    Clip-in hair is perfect for those, even for us over forty who want to make a change to the length, add volume, change up the color and or style without a long-term commitment. Plus, there is not any damage to the hair.

    Can Women Over Forty Wear Hair Extensions

    Yes, you can. I get asked this all the time as well. But I think it is a bit different look than when we were in our 20s.

    I like to mix it up, which is why I love clip-in hair extensions and even some wigs. Yes, wigs too. There are some great wigs nowadays.

    The bottom line with longer hair for those over forty is to make sure you have volume by adding layers around the face. This type of shape is perfect for hiding age imperfections around the eyes and forehead. I also recommend not going to long, never anything over 18 inches.

    Why Clip-in Hair Is Best
    The great thing about clip in hair and even hairpieces, they are not permanent. While there are two options of hair, synthetic and human hair, I suggest getting ones made of Remy human hair as you can cut and dye as you would your normal hair. Giving you different looks over time.

    The different types of hair extensions by beauty after forty

    The Different Types Of Hair Extensions
    There many types of hair extensions. I prefer something that I can put in my hair and take right back out. The two options are listed below.

    Halo Hair Extensions: The halo design is where the hair is on an invisible wire, kind of reminds me of fishing wire, with no clips, no glue, and no damage. The human hair is quite expensive. I was, however, able to try a synthetic halo hair extension, that up can curl and style.

    If you are looking for a more custom look, Hidden Crown offers custom hair color and human hair extensions.

    Clip-In Hair: Clip-in hairpieces for volume is what most are looking for over forty. And there are tons of hair extension companies out there, one of my favorites is Bellami Hair. It, however, is essential to look at the volume of hair included, not just the number of pieces.

    Before and afters of hair extensions by beauty after forty

    Wigs And Hair Pieces
    There are tons of options for these that look natural. This is why I would recommend reading reviews. Your best bet is to look on Instagram for these reviews.

    Full Wigs: These are made to cover your entire head.

    Hairpieces: Hairpieces are a bit different and so much fun. These can be placed in a specific area to add volume, create a different hairstyle, thickness, and there are even options for a bun, bangs, and a ponytail.

    How to make your own clipin hair extensions with beauty after forty

    How To Make Your Own Hair Clip-in Hair Extensions

    Hair extensions can be costly. And for those that may be more money-conscious, you can make gorgeous cheap hair extensions.

    So how do you make clip-in hair? Well, it is not difficult; all you must do is find a company with quality hair and purchase the needed products.

    For the exact details on how to make your own hair extensions, please make sure to check it out on my other blog Barbie’s Beauty Bits.