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  • Sweet And Sour DIY Lip Scrub

    Sweet And Sour DIY Lip Scrub By Beauty After Forty

    Pucker up baby; it is time to get your lips Summer Ready with a Sweet And Sour DIY Lip Scrub. Plus, today is International Kissing Day, so what better way to get those lips kissably soft for all of those kissses!

    Beauty does not need to cost you an arm, and a leg as the truth is we can treat ourselves to some pampering with items from our kitchen! Pantry to pretty hacks has been my thing for years. While it has lessened over time due to time constraints, I still have some of my favorites. And a lip scrub is one of them as our lips are so important, especially during the summer months!

    When the weather gets warmer, and the sun is out more, we need to be thinking of our lips. And if the hot temperatures are not enough to punish your pout, the transition from the sultry heat to cool air conditioning can cause the lips to become dry and chapped as well! But not any longer with my favorite Sweet & Sour DIY Lip Scrub!

    Sweet & Sour Lip Scrub

    This is one of my favorites as it has it all. Not only does it have a pleasant citrus scent, but it has some great antioxidants, healing properties and antibacterial benefits from the honey, as well as some fantastic moisturizing properties because of the coconut oil!

    DIY lip scrub by Beauty after forty

    How To Make A Lip Scrub From Grapefruit, Orange, Coconut Oil And Sugar

    This is not to difficult to make, plus it can last up to 6 months! All you need is a small mixing bowl, coconut oil, raw sugar, Organic orange honey and some essential oils and your off to some LIPtastic lips.

    This can vary depending on how much you want to make.

    • 1.5 Tablespoons Of Coconut Oil (I prefer this Coconut Oil from Trader Joes)
    • 4 Tablespoons of raw sugar
    • 1 Teaspoon of Raw Organic Honey or Organic Orange Honey. (I like to use organic as organic honey comes from flowers that have not been sprayed with chemicals)
    • 8 Drops of Grapefruit essential oil*
    • 6 Drops of Red Mandarine or Orange essential oils.

    Add all to a small mixing bowl, mix until smooth (there will be some granules from the sugar, and you want this for exfoliation)

    Scoop out and add to a jar for safe storage!

    *It is important to understand that essential oils can provide some incredible moisturizing benefits. However not all of them are great to use as some can dry or irritate the lips, so you need to be careful. Plus, not all oils can be worn in the sun as they are phototoxic. Now don’t let the name scare you as these are safe to use. It just means that you can’t go outdoors in the sun for about 12 to 24 hours after applying them to your skin. This is ok with me as I also use Retina A on my face, so those days are non-sun days for me!

    Lastly, once you have exfoliated your pout, moisturize them a bit more as well as adding an SPF for protections, since the grapefruit can cause a reaction in the sun.

    So there you have it, my sweet & sour DIY lip scrub!