What Is Rosacea And Can It Be Treated

What Is Rosacea And Can It Be Treated By Beauty After Forty

April has been designated as Rosacea Awareness Month by the National Rosacea Society (NRS) to educate the public on the warning signs of this chronic skin disorder.  Although this facial disease is manageable, it is estimated to affect more than 16 million Americans. Hence, with April being Rosacea awareness month. I decided to get with some people to answer “What Is Rosacea And Can It Be Treated.”

Those Over Forty Prone To Rosacea

With age, we can be more prone to getting Rosacea (Papulopustular Rosacea). Personally,  I have noticed that my skin tends to over-react or become oversensitive to several environmental factors, particularly the past three months. In turn, my immune system responds causing hyperactivity in the blood vessels which leads to flushing. This type of Rosacea, Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea, can be accompanied with oversensitivity in the nerves, resulting in stinging and burning sensations.  Not fun!

If you are like me, once experienced, Rosacea may exist all throughout a person’s lifetime. While it may subside, it is still there!  So, if you think you may have this condition and want to know more about it, check out this fantastic Rosacea article I wrote for this skin disorder!

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