Why Adding A Primer To Your Makeup Routine Can Make You Look Younger

How Adding A Primer To Your Makeup Routine Can Make Your Look Younger By Beauty After Forty

Look younger, you bet! A primer is a must in my book! I explain primer in makeup, the same way, I would with a house. Similar to the primer that you would apply to a wall before painting, you want to do the same with your eyes and face. Primer allows the color to adhere better, last longer, with little transparency and minimal fading. Also, if you have an excellent primer, it will prevent creasing and false wrinkles.

While, you might think that applying a primer to your skin is one extra, time-consuming step, that is further from the truth! As we age makeup does not look the same on our skin, it can actually make up our complexion look worse!

Not only can makeup highlight our imperfections it can also create false wrinkles by lying in fine lines and dry skin.

The secret weapon is a primer! Using a primer (a pre-foundation product) is the secret weapon for creating smooth, flawless skin!

Primer also…

  • Creates a smooth base for make-up
  • Can prevent oil from disturbing your makeup
  • Can color correct areas of redness, dullness and discolouration
  • Minimizes wrinkles and pores
  • Helps your foundation last longer
  • Can add an extra boost of hydration for dry aging skin
  • Gives foundation a dewy finish which will make you look instantly more youthful
  • Prevents your foundation from settling into fine lines and wrinkles

So next time you are out makeup shopping make sure to pick up some primer.  And if this is your first time purchasing, I suggest selecting one that is Paraben-Free and Fragrance-Free, as products with fragrances in them can also lead to additional irritation and dryness, which can result in premature wrinkles and no one over forty wants that!

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