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  • About

    About Beauty Over Forty

    Being in the beauty industry for years and working as an Influencer manager for brands such as Michael Todd Beauty as well as having a successful blog at Barbies Beauty Bits, I noticed that more and more people were loving my beauty tips, but kept asking what about those of us that are older. You see beauty is not one size fits all. What may work for someone in their 20’s is not the same for us over forty. Most importantly, the key to looking and feeling beautiful after 40 is taking care of yourself from the inside out, it’s about protection, prevention, and maintenance.

    While aging is inevitable, you don’t have to look it; hence, I created Beauty After Forty, The Hottest Tips And Trends For Beauty Over Forty!

    So beauties, sit back, enjoy and incorporate my beauty tips and advise on skincare, makeup, and lifestyle to embrace your beauty both inside and out!

    About Me And Brands I Have Work With

    Voted #13 of Top 100 American Beauty Bloggers. Featured on ABC, NBC, Fox Affiliates, and C- Suite TV. My online portfolio includes an extensive range of beauty, wellness, and health national & local brands and I would love to work with you!

    Mark Shulman drummer from Pink And Barbie Ritzman with Barbies Beauty Bits and Beauty After Forty

    Featured On Kevin Neff’s Speaking Of Success With Mark Shulman Drummer From P!NK

    I offer years of progressive and multifaceted employment experience with a focus on social media, brand influence management, and brand marketing with demonstrated success. Throughout my background, I have become known for my creative marketing skills and establishing the voice of the brand with social media, blogging and content development. Ultimately getting brands seen, found and heard.

    • Promoted products for major companies such as L’Oréal, ItCosmetics, Dove, and Conair to name a few. I also helped to launch the makeup line Makeup By 1D, for the international band sensation, One Direction!
    • A highly experienced Social Media and Influencer Manager, working with both national and local brands, most recently for companies such as Michael Todd Beauty, Miracos Makeup and Gift Stop for influencer outreach and management as well as contributing to their websites blog.

    Below are JUST A FEW of the companies I have worked with and or/been featured.

    Barbie Ritzman top beauty blogger featured with, with Drummer of P!NK, Mark Schulman, Larry Broughton and Jeffrey Hayzlett

    Featured On Kevin Makes Sense Media With

    Founder & Ceo of Broughton Hotels, Larry Broughton

    A global business celebrity, primetime television and podcast show host, author, and keynote speaker, Jeffrey Hayzlett


    The Drummer of P!NK, Mark Schulman

    Want to work with me? Send me an email at Barbie@beautyafterforty.com

    Some Of The Brands I Have Worked With

    Top Beauty Blogger Barbie Ritzman Of Barbies Beauty Bits And Beauty After Forty