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  • Top 10 Tips To Using Dry Shampoo


    Today is DRY SHAMPOO DAY, kind of perfect for a lazy Sunday, don’t you think? In honor of this day, I wanted to share with you my “Top 10 Tips To Using Dry Shampoo.”

    So, if you want to find out my tips continue reading!

    Tips For Using Dry Shampoo
    Not just for dirty hair. That’s right. Most think dry shampoo is to give you a few extra days without washing your hair, but that is not the only use for dry shampoo. It can also add texture and volume to almost any hairstyle, as long as you’re using it correctly!

    How To Use:
    ✔ Add to damp hair! This trick works best when hair is about 90 percent dry.
    ✔ Blow dry as you normally would to seal in the dry shampoo, and finish off your hairstyle. It adds volume and helps your hair to stay cleaner longer.
    ✔ Spray evenly to avoid getting a chalky white look by holding the dry shampoo spray two to three inches away from your scalp.
    ✔ Avoid spraying too much as it can leave your hair looking dull and discolored.
    ✔ Use the correct color. Dry shampoo comes in a variety of colors. If you have dark brown hair, some versions spray on clear.
    ✔ If you use a tinted dry shampoo or one that is white for dark hair your hair can look chalky or gray. Blonde hair if it is tinted can discolor the hair.
    ✔ If applying to dirty hair, let it sit for a couple of minutes before you massage it in and brush it through.
    ✔ Don’t use it all the time as it can cause a built-up residue and that can eventually clog your follicles.

    Tips for using dry shampoo by Beauty After Forty

    Other Tips

    Makes A Blowout Last Longer

    I love me a blowout, and whether you have paid to have it done or do it yourself, longevity is what I am looking for, and a dry shampoo can help. Simply, separate about 2-3 inches of your hair and mist the underside with dry shampoo. You want to make sure that you are holding the can about 3 inches from your scalp, so it does bead up. Repeat all over your entire head and work it into the roots with your fingers. And proceed to the next step for your blowout!

    Separate Your Curls For A More Natural Look
    If you want your curls not look like Shirly Temple but rather beachy and imperfect, dry shampoo can help with that as well. The starch in the dry shampoo coats the hair making it more matte, so the curls do not clump together.

    Help Bobby Pins Stay In Place

    Bobby pins always seem to slip out of place for me, but not any longer with this tip. Just spritz them with dry shampoo before putting them in your hair!