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  • Bag Those Puffy Swollen Eyes With Patchology Eye Gels

    Bag Those Puffy Swollen Eyes With Patchology Eye Gels By Barbie Ritzman

    We’ve all experienced getting that shock of what happened when you check your face in the mirror and find your eyes are looking puffier than usual.

    So, What Are We To Do

    While there are some home remedies you can try with cucumbers or cold tea bags. There are some skincare products out on the market that you can use in the comfort of your own home, like these eye gels from Patchology.

    These “perk me up” Patchology eye gels are a fast fix to help bag those puffy eyes featuring Caffeine and Hydrolyzed Collagen. They are also great at helping to hydrate and brighten your under eye area for younger looking skin!

    Oh, and don’t forget to drink water. For more details on this product check Patchology out on Instagram!


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