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  • Must Have Makeup Brushes For Holiday Gifting

    Must Have Makeup Brushes For Holiday Gifting By Beauty After Forty

    Looking for some great stocking stuffers? Well, nothing says holidays for that beauty lover like buying some amazing makeup brushes! And the best part it does not have to cost an arm and a leg.

    I try all kinds of products, and the bottom line is they have to work, and beauties do I have the perfect makeup brushes for the makeup lover in your life from Miracos Makeup. So if you want to find out more about the Must Have Makeup Brushes For Holiday Gifting, keep reading!

    Micaros Makeup is the leader in providing high-quality professional makeup brushes, makeup tools, and cosmetic products! Allowing everyone the chance to achieve a flawless makeup look that won’t break the bank.

    I am a big fan of their stiletto line which consists of a few brush sets. My two favorites are their Multi-tech Rose Brush and the Limited Edition Essential Brush Kit from their stiletto collection. And for the holidays they have a special set, the STILETTOS Luxury Holiday special that combines both.

    I am so in love with the luxurious “Cartier Pink Gold” design. Furthermore, this glamorous set includes every basic brush you need to create a gorgeous full-face makeup look and let’s not forget they are cruelty-free as well.

    Miracos makeup STILETTOS LIMITED EDITION brushes for the holidays By Beauty after forty

    The Miracos Makeup Stiletto Collection
    The brushes are synthetic which is excellent as they soak up less product than a brush that is made from natural hair. And the best part is they can be used in conjunction with both cream, liquid and powder-based products, which means you will save even more money.

    Brushes Included In The Limitied Edition Brush Kit

    Oval Powder Brush
    A soft, luxurious brush with a full, domed head that is great for helping you to apply both loose and pressed powder evenly. And when it comes to pressed powders THROW AWAY THE PUFF that came with it as you do not want to be using these. Instead, you want to dip this brush into your powder making sure to tap off the excess before applying in sweeping motions for a perfect application.

    Blush Brush
    This brush tapers to a rounded tip and is perfect for applying your favorite blush with diffused color and controlled placement, as no one wants to look like a clown for the New Year.

    Flat Concealer Brush
    Holiday stress with family, shopping and too much holiday cheer can lead to under eye circles, blemishes and other imperfections! So this flat brush can really help you to conceal those! Not only can you create a flawless look with this rounded-tip, tapered concealer brush but it is also great for giving you a great holiday glow as it is perfect for highlighting. And of course, for us beauties over forty, brighten that under eye area, giving you an instant lift appearance is a must on my list.

    Blend Brush
    A fluffy domed shape blending brush is a must for a seamless eye makeup look. Blending brushes offer so much when it comes to eyeshadow perfection, like…
    • Defining your crease
    • Darkening the outer corners of your eye
    • Provides better control, so less fall out
    • Helps diffuse harsh lines for a smooth transition color
    • Great for creating a Smokey holiday eye

    Eye Shadow Brush
    This brush is an all-Over Eye Shadow Brush that enables you to apply powder and cream shadows evenly. Additionally, the stiff densely-packed bristle conforms to your eye allowing you to pack on color for maximum pigmentation for the New Years eve Smokey eye!

    Dual-End Eyeliner & Brow Brush
    Bring eye-catching depth and dimension to your eyebrows and lash line with this angled brush. I know some get afraid when they think of filling in their brows, especially if you’ve been prone to plucking them in the ’80s. And no worries, when using this brush as you will not get that harsh drawn on look you remember your mother having (or maybe even yourself) from using an eyebrow pencil! Instead, this brush will allow you to have more precision and control, regardless of your experience using a brow brush. Giving you the ability to create a natural younger looking brow.

    Angled brushes are also a godsent for creating a flawless cat eye as it allows for more accuracy to create clean, defined lines with less mess.

    Miracos Rose Makeup Brush By Beauty After Forty

    Rose Brush
    This Multi-tech face brush is so pretty, and you would not believe the size, it looks like a single long stem rose. This full-coverage brush has super-soft synthetic bristles that are custom-cut in levels layered in a swirl patterned rose, yes I said rose. This brush is ideal for liquid and powder foundations. It is ROSEtastic!

    So there you have it beauties, the must have makeup brushes this holiday from Miracos Makeup!