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  • 5 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water For The Skin

    5 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water For The Skin By Beauty After Forty

    We’ve all heard it “Drink at least eight glasses a water a day,” while there is no magic number the magic is that you have to drink plenty of water.

    I am first to admit I am horrible at this, as I only drink when I am thirsty, which is not good. One key way to increase your water intake is to add lemon to it. So if you want to find out our “5 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water For The Skin,” continue reading!

    Benefits Of Lemon Water For The Skin

    If you want gorgeous glowing skin, lemons can help to give you a detoxification boost.

    You see our liver filters out toxins, but it can be overloaded with toxins, and this is where lemons come in. Lemons are great at helping to aid with digestion by increasing the livers enzymes, ultimately helping with the overall appearance of our skin.

    Tips To Younger Looking Skin By Drinking Lemon Water By Beauty Aftr Forty

    See some more Benefits Of Lemon Water For The Skin below…

    • Lemons contain alpha hydroxy acid, which is fantastic for the skin, especially those in our forties.
    • Lemons also have tons of antibacterial properties, making lemons very useful, when it comes to blemishes.
    • Lemons are high in vitamin C, which helps to destroy free radicals and toxins.
    • Helps with your skin tone.
    • Overall, lemons can bring a much-needed glow to your complexion, by rejuvenating the skin from within!

    Other Tips For Drinking Water By Beauty After Forty

    Other Tips For Drinking Water
    The amount of water that you should consume is not a one size fits all. It can vary according to your weight, how active and healthy you are, as well as the temperature. One thing that I have found helpful is the iDrated water phone app, that can help you to determine how much water you should be drinking based on your weight and age.

    Once you know this number, try to set some reminders to help you drink enough…

    • Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up.
    • Keep water at your desk at work.
    • Have an alarm go off on your phone to remind you.
    • Have water on your bedstand when you go to bed.
    • And when you’re working out, drink plenty, before, during, and after exercise.