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  • A Busy Girls Guide To Fitness; Exercises You Can Do From Your Couch

     Exercises You Can Do From Your Couch from Beauty After Forty

    A Busy Girls Guide To Fitness; Exercises You Can Do From Your Couch

    Life for a woman her forties can be hectic. And while I know that I need to find time to work out, that is easier said than done for us hardworking boss babes. Well, what if I told you could workout, right from your couch, even on a Netflix binge night? Really? Yes, beauties, it is possible, with my “Busy girls guide to fitness for women after forty.” And today I am going to share with you an article from this guide, with these “Top 6 Exercises You Can Do From Your Couch.”

    Just because you think you can’t find time to work out, we beg to differ. Those times where you want to be lazy and relax and aren’t often motivated to go for a walk or hit the gym doesn’t mean you can’t stay in shape.

    To focus on your fitness, you need to think outside the box and consider some alternative ways to burn calories, get your heart rate going, and tone your body. Look at these different ways you can get in a good workout all while watching TV:

    Workouts You Can Do From the Sofa by beauty after forty

    Workouts You Can Do From the Sofa
    While watching your favorite TV show, why not challenge yourself to get up and do some exercise during every commercial break. This could be jogging in place, doing jumping jacks, or trying to hold a plank for the entire commercial break.

    You can also do some things right on the couch, both while sitting or laying on the couch, and by standing in front of it. These are simple exercises you can do in between Netflix episodes or during commercial breaks.

    Bicycle Crunches
    The first exercise you can do while lying on the sofa is a bicycle crunch. These are great because they work your core and your leg muscles, but you can do them while lying comfortably on the couch. Since you’re just sitting up on the sofa, you can keep watching your weekend Netflix marathon without getting up.

    How To Do A Bicycle Crunch From The Couch
    • Lay on your back, then lift your knees close to your chest.
    • Place your hands behind your neck and lift your upper body into a crunch.
    • While sitting up in that position, move your legs back and forth as if you are pedaling a bicycle.

    Exercises you can do while watching netflix by beauty after forty

    Leg Lifts
    Leg lifts are effortless to do, and there are versions you can do while sitting up on the sofa or laying down.

    Laying Down Approach
    Tip 1: If you are laying down flat on your back, you can try alternating lifting one leg at a time for your desired number of reps, or you can lay flat on the sofa and lift both legs at the same time, lowering them halfway, then raising again.

    Tip 2: There is also side leg lifts you can do, letting you watch TV while lifting your leg to the side.

    Tip 3: You can do leg lifts while laying on your belly, and even while sitting up on the sofa.

    Oblique Crunches
    When you want to give your abdominal muscles a good workout, you shouldn’t forget about your obliques. And here are some simple tips to work your abs, while binge-watching Netflix with your favorite glass of wine.
    • First, put down your glass of wine.
    • Lay flat on the sofa and lift your knees similar to bicycle crunch, but twist them to the side so you can work out your side muscles.
    • Lift and down movements with your upper body to do the crunches while always holding your legs up.

    arm workouts you can do from the couch by beauty after forty

    Arm Workout
    Bring your hand weights with you to the sofa whenever you are going to watch television or watch a movie. Trust me; this is the perfect opportunity to move your arms while your butt is planted on the comfortable sofa.

    Try some different types of arm raises, shoulder raises, and bicep curls while sitting down. Challenge yourself by gradually increasing the repetitions and using heavier weights.

    Want more tips like this? Click here for the Beauty guide, tips come out monthly.