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  • How To Target Your Wrinkles While You Sleep

    How To Target Your Wrinkles While You Sleep By Beauty After Forty

    Yes, it is another Friday Favorite, and today I am sharing with you a product from the Exuviance brand, their HA100 Micro-Filler two-step treatment. I am a big fan of this brand (They discovered the antiaging benefits of glycolic acid and created and patented the first Glycolic Peel) which I was so excited to try this product out. Plus, something that could Target Your Wrinkles While You Sleep is a must in my book! I will say that this micro filler is much different because of the Micro-cone patches.

    This a two-step treatment with a daily serum and a once-weekly 100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Micro-Cone Patches that help plump and fill the look of visible lines while you sleep and let me tell you these bad boys do not move! The hyaluronic acid cones that are in the patches soften over time and absorb into the skin and the area in which I applied remained taut for a while.

    How To Target Your Wrinkles While You Sleep 

    • Once a week at bedtime, after serum is absorbed, open a Micro-Cone pouch and remove the tray containing the pair of patches. Carefully remove the white protective film from a single patch, and gently press the patch over the targeted line, with the rough cone-side against the skin. Don’t be alarmed when you put them on as they kind of feel like velcro; it threw me off the first time I used them!
    • Gently smooth the adhesive edges and press the patch lightly against the skin to activate the cones. Repeat with the second patch. Follow with your usual nighttime moisturizer, being careful to avoid the area around the patch.
    • By the morning, the 100% Hyaluronic Acid cones will have melted into the skin. Gently remove the patch and follow with your usual morning routine. Note: Micro-Cones dissolve within 3 hours and patch may fall off after a few hours of sleep.

    Exuviance Product Review By Beauty After Forty

    Areas To Apply To Banish Those Unwanted Lines

    While I did use these the first time under my eyes, they worked best in other troubled regions I have like my elevens and smile lines.

    The Sculpt Serum feels like heaven and helps to balance any uneven texture in the skin, and I will most certainly be using this Exuviance serum daily, it is incredible!

    Try these bad boys out for yourself and let me know your thoughts!